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What cut-to-size saw technology can do best?

Maybe cut-to-size saw technology can't do everything, but it can do a lot of things better, and that's why SCHELLING is specialised in exactly this area. Since 1917. For generations, SCHELLING employees have worked towards its pertection. For cutting panels to size, this technology is unlike any other in terms of precision, noise, flexibility, material utilization, dust control, noise emission, energy efficiency, technical control, reliability, and return of investment.

In this respect, SCHELLING has always provided high-end solutions worldwide. SCHELLING machines and plants qualify as the most high-quality in the industry. Their users demand a machine design, solid, sophisticated, precise and durable. The SCHELLING philosophy is confirmed by cut-to-size and precision saws, operated by the most renowned, ambitious, and world leading industrial manufacturers of boards, furniture and kitchens as well as aluminium, plastics, circuit boards, and in the aerospace industriy. However not only large industrial companies, but also demanding craftsmen prefer to take advantage of SCHELLING's cut-to-size solutions.


The today of SCHELLING is characterised by a healthy mix of longstanding and young employees, as well as a working environment with a personal atmosphere and international activity. At SCHELLING you can find people who are fascinated by technology, show vision and look for dialogue with the customers and the market. Talented people with the ambition of doing exceptional things.

That this can only be accomplished together – with everyone bringing in the knowledge and skills from his specific field – is clear to all. This enhances mutual appreciation and cooperative teamwork. If this is also important to you, you will be welcome at SCHELLING!

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The requirements for board-shaped wooden materials, plastic, non-ferrous and ferrous metals are essentially different. SCHELLING has successfully developed a common denominator for processing all of these materials: cut-to-size saw technology. Its advantages can be used differently for every material. Highly precise and highly productive results are ensured.

Integrated and chained within the production environment, SCHELLING offers its specialised cut-to-size and precision saws as plant solutions including peripheral solutions, especially the area storage system as well as sorting and stacking plants for a variety of materials and applications.

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SCHELLING 1917 — 2017: 100 years of sawing expertise

The constant research for innovative technical solutions has made SCHELLING a leader in the cut-to-size saw sector.

One hundred years of experience is an enormous pool of knowledge and ability. SCHELLING was founded in Schwarzach (Vorarlberg), Austria in 1917 and managed for many years as a family-owned business. This resulted in a company with worldwide activities, economically and technologically pioneering in its field and with approximately 500 employees around the world.


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If you want to opt for the best, you need a good foundation. This also applies to the investment in sheet cutting saws, precision saws and systems as well as their peripherals.


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As a technology leader in the division of panel-shaped materials, we present the latest developments in SCHELLING research and development.