Saw innovative materials with
adapted technology.

Plastics, acrylic glass, composites and other innovative, engineered materials require their unique and controlled treatment due to their wide scope of respective material properties. Expertise and know-how are indispensable. For example, the rotation speed of the saw blade and/or feed speed of the saw carriage must be meticulously controlled, in order to protect sensitive surfaces and to eliminate chips as completely as possible, thus preventing valuable materials from being damaged.

SCHELLING provides exceptional knowledge and technical solutions to achieve plastic-cutting solutions. Thanks to a solid machine design, the CLEAN-UP system and the dust protection device, high precision is ensured, whilst also providing for a user-friendly operating environment. Frequency-controlled digital drives allow for variably adjustable saw blade speeds - indispensable when using a wide variety of materials.

Intelligent sheets handling, practical details and powerful drives ensure short main and auxiliary production times and thus short processing cycles and improved overall productivity.

Sorting and stackingSmooth further processing.