Production safely under control.

Demanding tasks for the cut-to-size sheet materials tend to pose significant challenges towards logistics. In order to solve this, SCHELLING has its own team of software specialists with a wide scope of highly specific expertise for many years.

Here, individual software programs that stand for efficient production processes, flexibility and stability are developed for SCHELLING customers. All processes are controlled via a single Windows-based platform. Even the most complex processes can be conveniently operated. At the same time, flexibility is the precondition for long-term investment and future security.




ZIMBA – the next innovation by IMA Schelling.

Lean schedules, tight budgets, high order volumes and so forth can only be dealt with by good management and a reliable production chain.
Terms like downtime, reduced utilization rate or unscheduled maintenance cause high blood pressure to production managers.
It is good that we go ahead and bring the future into the present.

With ZIMBA, the new IIoT and service platform designed by IMA Schelling, we give our customers fundamental insight and target-oriented recommendations
for efficient operation of the production chain, tightly linked to our service organisation that detects failures and delays before they occur and takes action proactively.
That means: full transparency, better planning possibilities and in particular calculable risk.


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