ls 1 single-lot cut-to-size saw for wooden materials

More speed and increased variety

The industrial automation of single part production, i.e. batch-size 1 production, is growing in importance. Constantly increasing requirements for individualisation in production and efficiency of processes demands new solution approaches for production. The same applies to industry as it does to craftsmen.

As the technological leader for cut-to-size saws and plants, SCHELLING has the right approach to these requirements as well. The new, revolutionary loop concept unifies new, innovative details to create a highly attractive, economical solution.

Outstanding features

  • Simple and safe concept
  • Reliable
  • Flexible degree of automation (modular design)
  • Optimal material utilisation thanks to three and more cut levels
  • High quality of cutting
  • Just-in-time production
  • No excessive or lacking delivery of formats
  • Production is able to be controlled perfectly, since all production lots are able to be adjusted exactly to the production process
  • High production performance and maximum flexibility
  • Production performance between 1,500 – 2,500 parts/shift (3.5 – 5 parts/minute) – independent of the cutting pattern mix
  • The ls 1 may be chained with all other upstream and downstream plants to increase production
  • Ideal material and off-cut handling in the complete periphery area.

Technical data


up to 120 m/min

up to 393 ft/min


120 m/min

393 ft/min


up to 150 m/min

up to 492 ft/min


150 m/min

492 ft/min

Clamp opening

75 mm


Main saw motor power

18 kW

24 HP

ls 1 330

3.300 mm


ls 1 430

4.300 mm



105 mm



90 mm


board thickness

65 mm



Our sales engineers will gladly work with you to find the best plant solution for your needs.

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