Panhans Customer Service

Spare parts and service for a successful machine series.

The cut-to-size saws from Panhans was taken over by SCHELLING years ago, and its most successful machines are still being developed and produced under the name SCHELLING.

But also from the years before the brand takeover, many Panhans machines are still in use for demanding craftsmen and will continue to do so for a long time. For this reason, SCHELLING has guaranteed itself to ensure full customer service and the further provision of spare parts.

The prompt customer service with its own hotline supplies the customers from Panhans cut-to-size saws from the traditional location of Micheldorf in Upper Austria. Thanks to its central location, service and fast delivery of spare parts, everything is uncomplicated and friendly.

Panhans Service:

Micheldorf in Upper Austria (Austria)
Phone: +43 7582 61361
Telefax: +43 7582 61361-41

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