Teamwork in a good climate

The today of SCHELLING is characterised by a healthy mix of longstanding and young employees, as well as a working environment with a personal atmosphere and international activity. At SCHELLING you can find people who are fascinated by technology, show vision and look for dialogue with the customers and the market. Talented people with the ambition of doing exceptional things.

This can only be accomplished together – with everyone bringing in the knowledge and skills from his specific field – is clear to all. This enhances mutual appreciation and cooperative teamwork. If this is also important to you, you will be welcome at SCHELLING!

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Fascinating high-tech, global activity and a collegial team.

To develop and complete the sawing for the industry is a stimulating task. At SCHELLING, it is necessary to implement complete machinery and industrial engineering systems for international industrial companies - for leading furniture brands and space technology. This development of capital goods for industry and sophisticated craftsmanship is a special focus of the SCHELLING employees. You can see what has been done on the finished product and not just in the delivery of individual, single components.

With locations on four continents, one also offers international services. The employments around the world are appreciated by many employees and enrich the professional and personal horizons. Schelling is part of an international group of companies with 1,500 employees. The headquarter of the group is located in Schwarzach.

Last but not least, we enjoy excellent team work. This is measured by the collegial atmosphere and the prevailing collegiality among the 500 employees. And probably both have a share in the ambition to be the technology leader in the industry.

Our Region

Fertile ground for powerful ideas.

SCHELLING's head office is located in unique surroundings. Between Lake Constance and the Alps, other people normally take their holidays here. We work. Research. Develop. In the heart of Europe, SCHELLING's headquarters are only a "stone's throw" away from largest industrial centres of Europe. Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can be reached in minutes by car, Italy and France can be reached in a few hours. The closeness to the border and the resulting lively international exchange is one reason for the region's economic development.

In total: A region where you can live well and, consequently, also work well. A fertile ground for powerful ideas.

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