Cut-to-size saw for circuit boards fp 6

Cutting circuit boards and laminates free of burrs and without reprocessing.

The development in the IT sector has triggered an enormous boom in the printed circuit board industry. Our customers cover the basic needs of this industry with the production of printed circuit boards.

SCHELLING is part of this development with specialist circuit board cut-to-size saws: the laminate and circuit board industry is all too familiar with the proven quality of these saws, for years. The extremely accurate cutting of the laminates makes circuit board producers more efficient and safer in the entire manufacturing process. Elaborate follow-up processes are no longer required.

Outstanding features

  • Accurate cuts
  • No reprocessing required
  • A guaranteed technology, specialized on circuit boards and laminates
  • Highly efficient processing times
  • Highest degree of process reliability

Technical Data


up to 80 m/min (0 – 25 m/min CE)

up to 262 ft/min (0 – 82 ft/min)


80 m/min

262 ft/min


up to 80 m/min

up to 262 ft/min


80 m/min

262 ft/min

Clamp opening

135 mm


Main saw motor power

21 kW

29 HP

Diameter max.

350/400 mm


Projection max.

80/105 mm


fp 6 230

2.300 mm


fp 6 230

9.000 kg

19,900 lbs


Sorting and stackingSmooth further processing.