Cut-to-size saw for plastics fk 4

Cut-to-size of plastic sheets been has never been this easy.

Sheets made of plastic, composite and other innovative materials require unique processing parameters in accordance to their respective material properties. The fk 4 offers optimally adapted and tried-and-tested technology to do exactly that.

It can be used for all types of materials, offers uncompromised precision, intelligent handling and a max. cutting length of up to 4,300 mm. Its solid machine design and a 21 kW aggregate provide a firm basis for day-to-day use.

Outstanding features

  • Highly precise measurement
  • Can be used with the widest variety of plastic sheet materials
  • Solid machine construction for vibration-free cuts
  • Dust protection device for clean collection of all chips in the saw area

Technical Data


up to 80 m/min (0 – 25 m/min CE)

up to 262 ft/min (0 – 82 ft/min)


80 m/min

262 ft/min


bis zu 160 m/min

up to 525 ft/min


80 m/min

525 ft/min

Clamp opening

110 mm


Main saw motor power

21 kW

28.56 HP

Diameter max.

400 mm


Projection max.

105 mm


fk 4 330

3.300 mm


fk 4 430

4.300 mm


fk 4 330

9.000 kg

19.750 lbs

fk 4 430

11.000 kg

24.250 lbs


Cut-to-size saw for plastic fk 6The upper middle class in the cutting of plastic sheets.