Tailor-made cut-to-size systems for plastics in an industrial environment.

Cutting sheet-like plastic in an industrial production process is a challenging task. Numerous parameters - speed of the saw blade, feed speed, handling, cleanliness - must be in accordance to the properties of the respective material.

The development and realisation of fully or partially automated sawmills, which are fully adapted to the individual requirements of the individual customer is the area in which the SCHELLING team is particularly acknowledged.

SCHELLING attachments are tailor-made and provided with proven modules and components from the SCHELLING plastic cutting cut-to-size saws. Each one is developed in close collaboration with the customer and, depending on the task, with technology partners from both peripheral area and the upstream and downstream stages of the production chain.

As a rule, the integration into the production process and the integration into the automated - often manless - production are required. It can concern both serial production, as well as the production with constantly changing order types, including change of all production parameters such as lot sizes, formats, materials, surfaces, stacking heights, etc.

circuit boardsCutting circuit boards and laminates free of burrs and without reprocessing.