Sophisticated handling technology:
efficient and flexible stacking

The SCHELLING robot makes existing and new Schelling systems and machines more profitable. Responsible for this are the technologies developed for sheet materials for the gripper on the one hand, and the sensors on the other.

The well-thought gripper technology with forks and pressure cylinders also allows very thin sheets to be manipulated without any problems. The perfect sensor technology ensures a safe handling.

The SCHELLING robot works precisely, fast and lowers the auxiliary production time. Changing formats, thicknesses, weights and materials do not pose a problem any longer. Whether in single-row or multi-row stacking, it works very well, either way.

The solid design ensures a high availability even with intensive use. The interplay between robots and the cut-to-size saw is perfect because they come from one and the same supplier: SCHELLING.

Packing solutionsPack the components, professionally.