vs area storage system

Efficiency that starts long before the saw does

The Schelling area storage system makes a powerful contribution to increasing utilisation of cut-to-size saws up to 50 %, and it also saves valuable time and expensive storage space. The secret of this innovation lies in the fully engineered and automated organisation of the storage system. Areas from 4 to 20 m wide and up to 100 m long or more can be utilised completely. Stacks can be up to 2,000 mm high. Storing, retrieving, repositioning, and dispatching is completed using a trolley that operates quickly, precisely, and economically via a travelling beam and bridge above the board stacks. Total height of the plant: Only 3,600 mm.

Custom storage strategies may be applied. According to order combinations (individual jobs, large batch sizes, constantly changing, etc.), stacks of boards may be handled according to pure type, dynamically, or as mixed stacks. Since machine and storage system come from a single source – from Schelling – perfect interplay goes without saying.


  • Storage lengths up to 100 m and more
  • Storage areas from 4 to 20 m wide
  • Speedy handling
  • High area utilisation
  • Rapid interplay of controls, saw, storage, and user
  • Management of large and small rest parts
  • Universal safety concept
  • Weight-optimised dual-beam design with low construction height
  • Trolley with scissor-type lifting system
  • Vacuum traversing beam featuring corner suction cups and up to 6 individually controllable vacuum groups
  • The saws and storage system operate independently
  • Block storage administration

Technical data

Workpiece length

max. 5,600 mm


Workpiece width

max. 2,600 mm


Workpiece weight

max. 350 kg (optional up to 500 kg)

771 lbs (optional 1102 lbs)

Max. length of carriage beam

up to 120 m (larger beam lengths upon request)


vs 8

4 – 8 m

157 – 315''

vs 12

8 – 12 m

315 – 427''

vs 16

12 – 16 m

472 – 630''

Stacking height

2,000 mm (different heights upon request)


x axis (bridge)

max. 150 m/min

492 ft/min

y axis (trolley)

max. 150 m/min

492 ft/min

z axis (lifting unit)

max. 60 m/min

197 ft/min

Vector speed

max. 212 m/min

696 ft/min


Wood materials