Cut-to-size plant for wood ah 6

The all-round genius in the industrial environment

With the aid of trend-setting technology and powerful 27 kW motor performance, the ah 6 cut-to-size plant is ideal for production in the book cut, but, surprisingly, also in the interchanging use for small series: In short, an all-rounder in the industrial field.

The plant is designed according to customer specifications and adapted to requirements and actual space conditions. Solid concepts combined with sophisticated details ensure a future-proof, profitable investment.

Outstanding features

  • Infeed systems for optimal material supply
  • Optimised material flow – via the quickest path through the plant
  • Turning device or turntable for head cuts enables optimal material usage
  • Dual or triple infeed carriage to the cross cut saw for short production cycles
  • Fully automated waste disposal via a central outlet
  • Manual or fully automatic: sorting and stacking devices
  • Operator friendly: Graphically supported plant operation and online diagnostics
  • Optimisation program especially calibrated for the plant
  • Special software applications for parts tracking, labelling, and versatile logistics demands
  • Handling or packaging systems: sorting, strapping and packaging according to the most diverse requirements.

Technical data


bis zu 80 m/min

up to 262 ft/min


80 m/min

262 ft/min


bis zu 150 m/min

up to 492 ft/min


150 m/min

492 ft/min

Clamp opening

135 mm


Main saw motor power

27 kW

36 HP


480 mm



145 mm



Our sales engineers will gladly work with you to find the best plant solution for your needs.

Cut-to-size plant for wood ah 8Modern technology, high motor performance