Cut-to-size plant for wood ASH

The most powerful cutting plant from Beijing to Texas

The upper class in industrial cutting to size of timber materials has a name: SCHELLING ASH. With 75 kW motor performance and up to 1,000 m3 (!) fixed dimension cutting per day, this is the most powerful cutting system for wooden boards on the market.

The ASH is fully automated and equipped with all technical features. This not only ensures productivity and precision, but also a long lifetime even in continuous and extreme 3-shift operation.

Outstanding features

  • Coordinated material logistics thanks to efficient material supply, optimal material flow, and high material utilisation
  • Cross cut saw for quick production processes
  • Double or triple carriages to the cross cut saw for optimal production cycles
  • Fully automated waste disposal via a central outlet
  • Special dust protection covers guarantee high dust collection and removal
  • Manually supported or fully automatic: sorting and stacking devices
  • Individual according to customer needs
  • Plant optimisation program
  • Special software applications for parts tracking, labelling, and versatile logistics demands
  • Operator friendly: Graphically supported plant operation and online diagnostics
  • Handling or packaging systems: sorting, strapping and packaging according to the most diverse requirements.

Technical data


bis zu 80 m/min

up to 262 ft/min


80 m/min

262 ft/min


bis zu 155 m/min

up to 509 ft/min


155 m/min

509 ft/min

Clamp opening

230 mm


Main saw motor power

63/75 kW

85/100 HP


720 mm



241 mm



ch 6 / ch 8 cross cut sawsCut strips to size at high speeds