Cut-to-size plant for wood ATH

The workhorse for high throughput

Thanks to its huge motor performance, the ATH is ideal for production in the book cut, but, with its versatile technology, it is also flexible and fast for use in small series.

With its 63 kW, it is a regular "workhorse" for high output. SCHELLING's technological pole position is highlighted by this concept, which features numerous detailed solutions ranging from the multiple feeder carriage to the cross cut saw and labelling and parts tracking.

Outstanding features

  • The most diverse feeding systems for perfect material supply
  • Optimised material flow – via the quickest path through the plant
  • Turntable for head cuts enables high material usage
  • Cross cut saw for quick production processes
  • Special dust protection covers guarantee high dust collection and removal
  • Double or triple carriages to the cross cut saw for optimal production cycles
  • Fully automated waste disposal via a central outlet
  • Manually supported or fully automatic: sorting and stacking devices
  • Operator friendly: Graphically supported plant operation and online diagnostics
  • Plant optimisation program
  • Special software applications for parts tracking, labelling and versatile logistics demands.
  • Handling or packaging systems: sorting, strapping and packaging according to the most diverse requirements.

Technical data


bis zu 80 m/min

up to 262 ft/min


80 m/min

262 ft/min


bis zu 155 m/min

up to 509 ft/min


155 m/min

509 ft/min

Clamp opening

187 mm


Main saw motor power

40/63 kW

53/85 HP


620 mm



185 mm



Cut-to-size plant for wood ASHThe most powerful cutting plant from Beijing to Texas