ch 6 / ch 8 cross cut saws

Cut strips to size at high speeds

Powerful cross cut saws are the order of the day. The ch 6 and ch 8 model range are especially designed to meet the needs of the furniture industry. These systems represent a complete program of cross cut saws - from manually operated cross cut saws to plants with infeed, sorting and stacking systems.

Maximum cutting quality, precision, material conservation and availability are standard. Work occurs more ergonomically, the menu navigation is simpler and the central cleaning system is fully automatic. The operator's job is made easier and productivity increases.

Outstanding features

  • Cut-synchronous part separation after the cut
  • Fast cycle times thanks to optimal workflows
  • Reduced material acceptance times thanks to very short tracking of the next strip
  • Short positioning path of the pressure beam and the saw carriage
  • Optimised waste disposal for small and large pieces of waste
  • Perfect cut quality and precision thanks to high-quality mechanical engineering
  • Flat guide system with central cleaning
  • Patented evolution saw carriage design for perfect cuts
  • Wear-free steel machine table for life-long cut precision
  • Strip alignment both on the rolling table and on the pressure beam
  • High material preservation

Technical Data

Cutting lengths

up to 2.300 mm

Strip lengths

up to 6.100 mm

Cutting height

up to 144 mm

saw motor power

from 21 kW


up to 18 pieces cut into individual strips with dual feeder


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