s 45 cut-to-size saw for mitre cuts

A jack of all trades including mitre cuts.

The s 45 panel saw is revolutionising the work processes in the cutting of panels from wood-based materials: It not only cuts the panels to size with high efficiency, but also furnishes them with mitre cuts. Mitre cuts from zero to 46 degrees are possible.

The scope of applications of the s 45 is next to unlimited. Besides completing many existing processes simpler and much more economical, it also opens up entirely new applications, markets and customer groups for many users. There is no doubt that it is ideal in high quality furniture, shopping fitting work as well as for roofers, facade makers and formwork carpenters.

It's just as precise and effective for producing cabinets with mitre and angle cuts for exclusive furniture makers as it is for tasks like interior design or processing tricky materials like high-pressure laminates. Regardless of batch-size 1 or serial productions.

Outstanding features

  • Perfect mitre cuts up to 5,600 mm long
  • Combination mitre cut and angle cutting device makes shifter cuts possible
  • High productivity for single and book cuts
  • Easy handling
  • Application-oriented operation
  • Precision guides for the saw unit and feeder
  • Maximum angular accuracy thanks to strip aligning device
  • Diverse options

Technical Data


up to 80 m/min (0 – 25 m/min CE)

up to 262 ft/min (0 – 82 ft/min)


80 m/min

262 ft/min


up to 100 m/min

up to 525 ft/min


100 m/min

525 ft/min

Main saw motor power

14 kW / 18,6 kW

19 PS / 25 PS

Diameter max.

350 mm / PowerPlus package 400 mm

13.779“ / PowerPlus package 15.748“

Projection max.

72 mm / Power Pack 102 mm

2.875“ / Power Pack 4.016“

s 45 320

3.300 mm


s 45 420

4.200 mm


s 45 320 man.

Appox. 4.800 kg

10.600 lbs

s 45 420 man.

Appox. 6.300 kg

13.900 lbs

s 45 580 man.

Appox. 7.700 kg

17.000 lbs


Cut-to-size saw for wood fh 4The versatile basic model.