Those who choose the best saws
can expect the strongest service.

SCHELLING stands for innovative, individual customer solutions in cutting boards and plates and their peripherals to size. This requires a customer service with quality support from planning through construction and software to installation, startup and after-sales services. To be closer to customers, and therefore to be there more quickly, our service is organised worldwide. Operations are started from various locations.

Innovations from SCHELLING are showing the industry the way. Industrial companies and demanding craftsmen who choose cut-to-size and precision saws from us consciously select the world's leading and pioneering technology. We provide a level of quality that can hardly be beaten, which is based on our own research and development, solid construction, and high-quality components. The result is a lifetime of precision. We measure the lifetime of our machines in decades.

Logically, this degree of product quality is supported by cooperative, skilled, and convenient service. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Complete with planning from assembly, commissioning, training, etc. up to aftersales services. Knowledge of the reliability of our machines and plants makes it easy to offer services like a service hotline, online maintenance, or a prevention check within a defined scope.

Constant database documentation of your machine and the desire to care for every customer with the same employees enables us to know your saws and their requirements inside and out. This makes service calls efficient. We deliver in-stock replacement parts within 24 hours if needed worldwide. Even for machines that have already been working productively for 25 years.



  • Customer Service is committed to intensive cooperation with our customers.
  • Who consider our Customer Service, is and remains a satisfied customer. We are always customer oriented.
  • Customer Service connects customers with the constant pursuit of quality and product improvement.
  • Customer Service means our customers are even more successful. We do everything we can to make sure our customers are more competitive with a first-class service.


Precautionary check

  • Inspection for even higher availability
  • With recommendations on achieving best value for money and any urgend actions needed
  • One time only, and free of charge

Basic service module

  • A classic service package that can be adapted to match your service requirements with optional modules

Check-up module

  • Assessment of current condition for the upcoming maintenance with check on dimensions and squereness, wear and tear parts and electrical systems
  • Efficient planning
  • Additional day after maintenance included

Spare Parts

  • Advice on spare parts
  • Fast and direct delivery
  • Fast response time
  • 25-year's availibility of spare parts
  • Special delivery e.g. Taxi on request

Hotline module

  • Comprehensive, skilled advice and troubleshooting for all SCHELLING products
  • Weekdays from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Hotline module 5/16
  • Hotline module on saturday


  • Trainings and seminars which help ensure that Schelling machines are used and maintained ideally right from the start, enhancing their productivity, precision, reliability and service life


  • Highly efficient modification team at SCHELLING
  • Own PLC technicians
  • Mechanical and electrical planning
  • Assembly and commissioning team


  • Start-up assistance for new systems and in the event of a staff shortage
  • Specialist for recommissioning (e.g. when moving business locations)
  • Thorough instruction of operating staff

2nd-hand machines

  • For many years of profitability and high-quality, precision performance
  • Servicing irrespective of the age of the machine – including saws over 30 years old

Guarantee module

  • The guarantee may be extended to 2 up to a maximum of 4 years, depending on the machine and its use (If a service agreement is concluded within three months of acceptance)

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