Metal materials

Fast and accurate cutting of non-ferrous metals–
literally chip-free.

The demand for plate-shaped, non-ferrous metal components – being made of aluminium, copper or any other non-ferrous metals – has seen significant growth over the years worldwide. The SCHELLING family of Precision Saws and Cut-to-Size Solutions presented here, are specifically designed and manufactured for this purpose.

Based on decades of experience, coupled with the high-tech of tomorrow, meticulously matched the construction, the aggregates and the technical details can be achieved. The result is the production of daily use machines suitable for hard conditions of use, with perfect cutting results.

They are distinguished by high angular precision, fast feed and short auxiliary process time. They are based on a solid construction, powerful frequency-controlled digital drives, and an almost chip-free processing (thanks to the SCHELLING CLEAN-UP system) and numerous other sophisticated features.

Steel sawCut-to-size saw fs 10