Updates via software and hardware

In order for SCHELLING machines and plants to work faultlessly, SCHELLING continuously provides its customers with new software releases of the respective program version they use. These releases can also be carried out online. Whether an update is sensible may be determined immediately online via our online diagnosis tool and without interrupting production.

Extensive updates include the renewal of control components as well as software and hardware. This covers the replacement and conversion of controls and computerised management systems, the update of the optimisation software and even the procuring of spare parts. Everything in these areas is brought up to date.

Upgrades via new technical components

Upgrades involve the retrofitting of machines with the latest components so existing saws can keep up with current developments. In this case, SCHELLING offers special conversion packages to meet changes in customer requirements and implement new solutions.

Conversion: Increase proven saws capacity with state-of-the-art technology.
Our concept – Your benefits:

  • Comprehensive inventory and cost-benefit advice
  • Overhaul of the system
  • Commissioning the system, in-situ
  • Software and hardware update
  • Process optimisation
  • Energy optimisation
  • With own modernisation team
  • Exclusive use of Schelling original parts
  • Modernising
  • 60 Standard Kit
  • PLC Engineer
  • Mechanical and electrical planning
  • Installation and commissioning team

Service areaThose who choose the best saws can expect the strongest service.