Training is available at customer site, Schelling UK or Schelling Anlagenbau, please enquire direct on or simply call 01937 586 340. Customer specific training is provided and a certificate is given which is HSE approved. The basis here is the knowledge and experience of our Schelling employees, who work out an optimal solution for our customers. With purposeful training measures and a constant exchange of experience, we will gladly give this knowledge to our customers and their employees. Your advantage: through trainings, the best possible results are achieved for optimisation.


  • Best qualified internal seminar leaders
  • Training in theory and practice with final certificate
  • Individual training programs with a distinctive practical reference
  • Extensive training documentation
  • Seminar rooms with modern technical equipment

Commissioning (start-up)

  • Ensure maximum performance and full machine utilisation from the start
  • Don't lose any time during the start phase
  • Train personnel to perfection
  • Prevent and avoid faults
  • Integrate them optimally with the production process

Machine operation

  • Learn to use our high-performance programs
  • Understand processes and optimize them
  • Use parameters and settings
  • Optimal training in personnel changes

Cutting plan optimisation

  • Handling HPO cutting plan optimisation
  • Configure the Interface for the
Data Import of Parent Systems
  • Use the XBoB remainder management program
  • Recycle large sheets and sheet residues
  • Learning the complete system optimisation - cutting - reuse of sheet remains

Service and maintenance

  • Carrying out of regular service work
  • Create maintenance plans
  • Monitoring of the condition of wearing parts
  • Installation and setting of the spare parts

Saw training

  • Practice-based saw training with the customer's materials on the customer's machine
  • Using parameter settings
  • Create sheet specific parameters
  • Defining and assigning saw blades and cutting parameters related to different materials

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